Pieces of Sky
Open Country
Pregnant and burdened with a terrible secret, Jessica has left England for the American West in search of a new
life.  Brady, a hard-bitten rancher haunted by the violence of his past, is desperate to protect his land and family from
a blood feud that has already claimed one brother.  She’s fancy hats and pamphlets on deportment.  He’s rough
manners and twenty years of blood on his hands.  An improbable pair.  But after their stagecoach crashes and
Jessica is stranded at his high mountain ranch until she gives birth, antipathy slowly becomes attraction.  He
teaches her to trust and laugh again—she helps him find the joy he’d lost.  Faced with hard choices and
unspeakable loss, they draw strength from each other to overcome the horrors of their pasts, and in the process find
redemption, forgiveness, and ultimately love.
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Molly McFarlane is as desperate as a woman can get--even one alone on the frontier. Forced to flee with her late
sister's children, she must provide for her wards while outrunning the relentless tracker the children's vicious
stepfather has set on their trail. Out of money and with no other options, she marries a man badly injured in a train
derailment, assuming when he dies, hisinsurance settlement will provide the money they need to keep moving
West.  But there is one small problem.  The man doesn't die.

Hank Wilkins doesn't remember the accident he barely survived--and he certainly doesn't remember marrying Molly.
Confused and hoping his memory will soon return, he takes her home to his ranch, where Molly and the children
are quickly caught up in the boisterous Wilkins family. Molly might be a gifted healer, but she knows little about
caring for children, and even less about caring for a healthy man--especially a silent, brooding type like Hank. As
Molly and Hank begin to discover each other, the threat of the past seems distant and the idea of a real marriage
takes hold...until Hank's memory returns and he realizes he's been betrayed by his own brother and the woman he
thought was his wife, and that fragile trust is shattered.  Then the tracker follows Molly to the ranch, and as Hank
struggles to open his wounded mind and battered heart to forgiveness, Molly rides out into a blizzard to face down a
killer in a frantic attempt to protect the man and family she has grown to love.
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Daisy Etheridge always dreamed of singing on a real stage, rather than in a smoky San Francisco saloon.  But along
the way she fell in love, had her heart broken, and bore a child to a man who loved another.  Now she has a second
chance to develop her singing talent.  With no other way to get the money she needs to support herself and her child
during her training, she and her daughter travel to New Mexico Territory to seek help from the wealthy family of the
man who abandoned her.

Jack Wilkins, a carefree adventurer, has always wanted to travel the world, rather than stay home to work the family
ranch with his brothers.  He thought he'd escaped three years ago when he followed his childhood love to San
Francisco, only to find that his devotion wasn't enough to keep her. Now, he's back, trying one last time to win
her-when out of the blue a woman from his past shows up with a baby who has eyes like his.

Caught between his feelings for his old flame, his attraction to Daisy, and his new role as a father, Jack does the
honorable thing and offers marriage.  But Daisy refuses.  Although she has never stopped loving Jack, she's
unwilling to risk her dream for a man who might still love another, or who would rather chase the sun west than
settle down with her.  

But Jack won't give up.  As spring drifts into summer, tensions build, and the Wilkins family is strained to the
breaking point when old enemies and financial ruin threaten the ranch.  Then a violent storm brings everything to a
head, forcing Daisy and Jack to make hard choices about which dreams are worth fighting for, and what they want
out of their lives and each other.
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Chasing the Sun
Honest, hard-working widower, age thirty-three, seeks sturdy English-speaking woman to help with
mountain ranch and four children.  Drinkers, whores, and gamblers need not apply.

Not very romantic, but after one disastrous marriage, widowed Edwina Ladoux isn’t looking for
romance.  What she wants is safety for herself and her half-sister, and a way out of the war torn
South, even if she has to offer herself up as a mail order bride to a stranger a thousand miles
away in the Colorado Rockies.  But she hadn’t reckoned on Declan Brodie.

Declan’s first wife ran off with a gambler and was later killed by Indians.  He has no desire to
saddle himself with another—and her mulatto “traveling companion”.  But his children need a
mother, and he needs help to keep his mountain ranch running, and the proxy papers are already
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signed.  But there’s something odd about those two.  A connection he doesn’t quite understand.  But at least the
companion can cook.

What starts as a marriage of convenience between a southern princess and an overworked rancher-sometimes-
sheriff, soon becomes a battle of wills, then a grudging respect, and finally a side-by-side struggle to rebuild the ranch
after a vicious Indian attack.  But just as things are starting to looking up again, and Declan and Ed begin to explore
their feelings for each other, Declan’s first wife returns and an old enemy out for revenge threatens to destroy the
family.  It all comes to a head high atop an abandoned mine platform, where Edwina fights as she never has before,
and Declan faces his greatest fear in order to save his daughter and the woman he has grown to love.
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Heartbreak Creek
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Colorado Dawn
After only three letters and one visit during her six-year marriage to a Scottish Cavalry Officer,
Maddie Wallace decides to build a life without him. Accepting an assignment from a London
periodical to photograph the West from a female perspective, she sails from England, determined
to build a new life as an independent woman.

After injury ends his military career, Angus Wallace returns home to find his wife gone, his family
decimated by fever, and himself next in line to an earldom. His new mission is clear--find his wife
and sire heirs. His search takes him across an ocean and half a continent, but he finally tracks her
to Heartbreak Creek, Colorado. There his biggest challenge awaits--to convince his headstrong
wife to return home as his viscountess.
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Bride of the High Country
Colorado where she finds three other women struggling to start new lives.  Deciding she’s finally found the home and
family she so desperately needs, she puts her ill-gotten railroad shares to use, determined to make their crusty little
town a place they can all call home.  But it’s never that easy, and as her pursuers close in on her, Lucinda finds that
her new start comes with a higher price, but a greater reward, than she ever expected.
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Snatched from unspeakable abuse at the age of twelve and given a new identity as the ward of a
Manhattan society widow, Margaret Hamilton thinks the safety and security she craves is at last
within her reach.  But as she exchanges wedding vows with a ruthless and charismatic railroad
mogul, a shocking revelation sends her fleeing her own wedding…with a valise full of railroad
stock certificates.
Now calling herself Lucinda Hathaway, she follows the rails west, determined to make a new start.  
But her pursuers are not far behind—one man who wants vengeance—one who wants to silence
her about events long in the past—and a third who only wants the truth.  

But the truth is too ugly to share, so Lucinda keeps running…all the way to Heartbreak Creek,
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Miracle In New Hope coverart
Amidst the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains
in 1871, Daniel Hobart keeps to himself—a man
with a hole in his heart that matches the scar on
his face. But when Daniel starts having visions of
a young girl crying out for help, he begins to fear
that solitude may have caused him to lose his
mind. Determined to find out the truth about the
mysterious girl, Daniel travels into New Hope
and learns that she’s the missing daughter of
widow Lacy Ellis.
After a year of heartbreak, Lacy isn’t sure what to make of Daniel’s claims of seeing her daughter. But when he sets out
to find Hannah on his own, Lacy decides to join him, allowing herself one last chance to hope. And as they retrace the
long-cold trail of Hannah’s disappearance, two broken people manage to take some small comfort in each other, and in
the possibility of a miracle…
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Miracle in New Hope